When RaceTech, a leading technical facilities company providing innovative solutions to the UK horse racing industry, wanted to design a fully self-sufficient Broadcasting, Control & Transmission vehicle that was capable of providing its own electrical power supply in the event of power interruptions/failures from on-site power sources, they looked to Winton Engineering to assist with the solution.

In the past RaceTech had used diesel/petrol powered generators as back-up power supplies but these were noisy, heavy, not very reliable and could not supply a pure sine electrical input to their equipment.

Winton Engineering offered to investigate RaceTech’s requirements and subsequently designed, built and installed an on-vehicle electrical power supply on a Volvo 18t chassis. This was achieved by using a Winton PTO (Power Take Off), driven by the vehicle’s own gearbox PTO, to drive a 40kVA Pure Sine Generator.

RaceTech were so pleased with the results from the prototype conversions supplied that further vehicle conversions were ordered with hopefully more to come in the future.


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