Firstly, we would like to emphasise that we are ensuring that we meet as a minimum the current guidance measures to ensure the safety of our employees and customers alike. All of our team have been fully briefed on these existing government guidelines, including those relating to increased hand and respiratory hygiene and the requirement for them to of self-isolate if either they, or anyone they live with show any symptoms of the virus.

We will of course continue to monitor the Government advice and will keep our employees and customers fully updated on the latest situation and advice available.

• One of only four reasons given as acceptable for leaving home has been listed as “travelling to and from work, but only where this absolutely cannot be done from home” this statement is only applicable to work for businesses that are not on the Government list of those that must now be closed.
• At this moment in time, the type of business that Winton operates is not currently on the Government list of those that must be closed. Therefore, unless governmental advice changes, we will continue to work as normally as possible, but taking into account the latest guidelines.
• The number of staff working in our office has been reduced where possible by them working from home. Where this has not been possible, we have rearranged our offices in order to ensure that social distancing exceeding the current guidelines is achievable.
• Work for our service engineers will now be prioritised as follows; 1) breakdowns – all businesses, as long as the social distancing rules can be followed, 2) preventative maintenance requested by customers considered to be part of the UK essential business network, 3) other service work as long as Government guidance continues to permit it and social distancing rules can be followed.
• Our workshop will continue to be operational but will be subject to changes in working practices to ensure at least the recommended distance between people of 2m is always achieved, this may mean some delays to build schedules but we will endeavour to minimise these.

Operating practices for our service engineers have been amended and these will continue to evolve in line with Government advice. Where required our service engineers will work in accordance within any local site measures that may be imposed, but only where these are at least as stringent as those we are imposing.

• Our service engineers must be able to maintain a minimum distance of at least 2m from any other person at all times.
• For the foreseeable future our service engineers will not be asked to stay away from home overnight.
• Not staying overnight will in turn mean that our service engineers may be potentially working less hours on site in order to allow them time to travel to and from site.
• Engineers will no longer hand over PDA’s for signatures on job sheets at the end of a job, instead they will simply ask for the site contact’s name and then sign it “pp” themselves.
• Where a repair of a system would necessitate two engineers to work under a van at the same time, this work will now for the foreseeable future only be carried out at our workshop in Woking
Unfortunately, service work will not be able to be carried out where our working criteria cannot be assured.

As always, we are here to ensure that your on-vehicle power system is safe, legally compliant and will not let you down when you most need it. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us on 01483 770121 or